Managed IT Support

Our managed support service has been designed to keep your business going and help your business growing. We understand the importance of an effective IT infrastructure to the success of your business.

Disasters and downtime cost your business time and money. Our aim is to prevent your systems going down and stop you from getting on with your business.

We monitor your systems 24/7 to make sure they are running at peak performance. We will alert you if something is about to go wrong and can have an engineer onsite to solve the problem within the hour if it cannot be fixed remotely.

No more waiting in queues to remote any issues. We offer a fully managed help desk with specialist engineers who are at hand to assist you with every enquiry. You can be assured that the 1st person you speak to will resolve your query.

What is Included

We cover the basics, the common issues that affect clients on a day to day basis. The can include a slow running PC, wireless connectivity, system failures, printer issues or forgotten password.

We take control of your IT systems and infrastructure to leave you to concentrate on running your business saving you both time and money.  

Our IT Manged Support Packages include;

  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Remote Assistance
  • Onsite Assistance backed up by our SLA’s
  • Fully Managed Service Desk
  • Managed and Monitored Security
  • Backup, Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Scheduled Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Reviews
  • 3rd Party Applications Support
  • Manufacturer Warranty Management
  • Network Management
  • Email Monitoring
  • File Server Protection
  • Updates and Patching
  • Procurement and Buying Services

What About Pricing

We offer competitive pricing models in the industry which will not put a hole on your balance sheet. We believe in honest, straight forward pricing which is affordable and cost effective to every business.

When you are on a support package you will not pay for labour and if your equipment is in warranty, you won’t expect to pay for materials either. All parts and labour are charged at cost from the manufacturer to help you save every penny and have more to invest back into your business.

What If Something Goes Wrong, What Happens

We monitor all your equipment using our intelligent monitoring systems that will alert us of any problems that are likely to occur. You will also receive these alerts and our advisers will call you as soon as these are flagged up on our systems to discuss any remedial action needed.

Should something fail that has not been picked up by the monitoring systems, you can log a support ticket on our online system, send us an email or call our support centre. If the issue can not be rectified remotely and engineer will attend your site to fix the issue. We stock most common parts that are identified during the onboarding process. If we do not have the replacement part in stock, we can usually get it next delivered to site.

We will not leave you stranded and can supply you with loan equipment at no extra cost while yours is being repaired or waiting to be replaced. If you are on our backup plans, we can get the most recent image of your system onto another system to get you going.

What About Security Threats

We are serious about protecting your business, your clients and your reputation. We use business specific antivirus, malware and firewall systems to ensure that you are protected.

Our managed Antivirus systems are updated daily with the latest virus and threat signatures to give you reassurance and peace of mind that your data is safe from threats.

We employ various security techniques including

  • Data Encryption
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Email Filtering
  • File Server Protection
  • Active Threat Detection to ensure that no threat escapes the net.

Our intelligent security system not only detect but respond to the ever-changing threats that affect businesses world-wide.

We also offer security testing and consultation to understand the vulnerabilities that exist with your network and offer training and advise on how to mitigate against these risks.

What Else Do You Do

Our aim is to help align your IT infrastructure to your main business function. This means we do not only look after your systems or solve issues within your systems, but we take an active role in ensuring that IT is working for you and with you to the success of your business. You can look at us as a partner who is there to advise, assist and help.

We can also help with

  • IT Training
  • Certification
  • Procurement
  • Software and Web Development
  • Digital Print and Media
  • Social Media Marketing and E-Presence
  • E-Commerce
  • Document Management
  • IT Recycling
  • IT Consultation
  • IT Careers