Backup & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity is the ability for your business to resume operations after a disaster has disrupted your normal business functions. These can be due to a disaster such as a fire, flood or virus that has damaged your system or data.

It is important for business to recover from these incidents to minimise the impact on business operations and cost the business money or even loose clients. You can imagine not being able to access important documents on you network or lose of email services even for a few hours.

Because these incidents often occur without warning the consequences can be devastated. RCM IT Solutions Backup & Disaster Recovery specialists can help you mitigate the effects of these incidents by deploying Backup and Recovery solutions that will help you to quickly recover from disasters and get back to normal operations.

We offer cost effective solutions that will offer greater peace of mind should the worst happen. Solutions include;

  • Replica Backup Systems
  • Cloud Backup systems
  • Onsite Backup Systems
  • Backup Appliances

Don’t get caught up, get in touch with our Backup & Disaster Recovery specialists to find out how help your business prepare and plan for any disasters.