IT Security

We understand the importance of keeping your IT infrastructure from threats that can be disruptive to your business activities. A security threat can cause your business to lose money, clients and affect your reputation.

IT Security is a core component to the growth and success of your business. New legislation such as GDPR places greater importance on the need to ensure that your systems are networks are safe from threats with huge fines being imposed on organisation that fail to protect the personal data of clients, employees and consumers.

We offer intelligent Active Security Systems that work in the background 24/7 detecting and preventing threats from gaining valuable and causing disruptions to your business functions.

What’s Included

  • Comprehensive Security Audits
  • Scheduled Security Testing
  • Email Filtering and Spam Protection
  • Advanced Cyber Defence Systems
  • World Internet Security Products
  • Training and Awareness Programmes
  • IT Security Advice and Guidance
  • IT Security Organisational Policies
  • Intrusion and Threat Detection Systems
  • Threat Intelligence and Reporting
  • IT Security Certification and Accreditation

Threats can be internal and external and with our Managed Security Systems you can be rest assured that any threats or unlawful attempts to access your network and systems will be identified and prevented from causing any issues.

We actively monitor your whole entire estate from mobile phones to servers to identify, detect and stop security threats before they cause an issue. We collect and analyse data from our Security Management Console to improve security and offer awareness training to users to prevent unauthorised and unlawful access to your data and network.

We have partnered with market leaders with the IT Security industry to ensure our detection systems are up to standard and up to date to offer you all round protection.

Should the worst happen we can help you recover and ensure business continuity through our managed backup and disaster recovery services.

Managed IT Security comes as standard with any IT managed Support package. We also additional extras such as;

  • File Server Security
  • Device Encryption
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Advanced Firewall Systems

Do not leave too late, get in touch today to protect your business and your reputation.